Friday, 20 November 2009


French loudspeaker manufacturer, Cabasse, has launched limited edition piano black versions of four products from its popular MT30 and MC40 ranges; the Antigua, Jersey, Minorca and Java models.

The MC40 range is the introduction to Cabasse’s point source co-axial technology. Incorporating the BC10 co-axial unit, with its 27mm tweeter and 10cm ring midrange, all models in the range adhere to the SCS (spatially coherent system) technology as found in the flagship La Sphere. Use of this drive unit enables the diminutive (40cm tall) Minorca MC40 LE stand mount speaker to be a true three-way design, with the low frequency handled by a 7” (17cm) Duocell woofer.

The three-way Java MC40 LE is the smaller of two floor standing models in the range and combines the same BC10 co-axial unit with two Duocell 7” (17cm) LF units. Standing 110cm tall, Java continues the Cabasse tradition of bringing real emotion, live sound and elegance with unrivalled value.

The piano black versions of Minorca and Java have a manufacturer’s suggested selling price of £899 and £1598 per pair respectively.

The Antigua MT30 LE and Jersey MT30 LE are two-way loudspeakers from the company’s entry level MT30 range, Each incorporates the DOM36 tweeter, which is designed to conform to the principles of the company’s SCS technology. The Antigua is a 41cm tall stand mount speaker, whose performance belies its size, thanks to the powerful output of the 7” (17cm) low frequency driver. The floor standing Jersey adds an additional 7” LF unit to further increase the bass output, with a response down to 59Hz. The limited edition piano black versions of these speakers have a msrp of £549 (Antigua) and £998 (Jersey).

Friday, 13 November 2009

mp3 'v' CD - the truth will out

I've just had this video link pointed out to me:

It's really encouraging to see something like this on the BBC - it kind of vindicates everything that we've been saying for years about mp3 quality. There's no denying that it's a superbly versatile and useful format for transporting music and opening up the ears of millions of people to music, but we've all known for a long time that it really is the poor relation when it comes to sound quality. And sound quality really does matter - that's why the best recording studios exist and why the best engineers are worth their weight in gold. So watch this and then dig out yor CDs and enjoy!